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Retaining Wall

Where to Install Retaining Walls

At J&L Hardscapes, LLC, we offer outstanding retaining wall design and installation services to commercial and residential clients in and around Austin, TX. Retaining wall locations must be planned well, and these are some areas where you can build these robust and specially designed structures.

Raised Gardens

Raised gardens add beauty and depth to a landscape, and you can install different types of plants and flowers in them. However, you must also make sure that these structures have appropriate support and that they are stable enough to bear the weight and stress of the soil they hold. The best way to meet these objectives is to install dual-function retaining walls with raised gardens. These walls will provide much-required support to the landscape while creating the perfect planter space

Property Fencing

Most home and business owners want to secure their property and protect it from trespassers ad intruders. Although boundary walls serve this purpose, if the ground has slopes or soil erosion issues, you should consider building retaining walls as property fencing. Like planter walls, they will serve a dual purpose, providing fencing and much-needed support to the area.

Terracing Slopes

Terraces and slopes look fabulous in a landscape and create a unique aesthetic. However, you also need to ensure that the slopes have the proper support. Loose soil, stones, etc., can slide down the slopes, creating a dangerous situation. You can easily prevent this by installing retaining walls in terraced landscapes.

Bordering Steps

If you have a multi-leveled landscape with steps between levels, you will first have to protect the borders by installing specially structured retaining walls. These walls will help support the steps while holding back the sloping ground on either side. This helps prevent soil erosion in that area. You can opt for CMU walls or stone block walls in these spots.

Although retaining walls are practical, functional, and a great addition to a landscape, you need skilled professionals to design and install them. We are a leading hardscaping company that provides custom retaining wall solutions to residential and commercial clients. We plan and design these walls after a detailed survey of the spaces. Our skilled designers will give design ideas and layouts for you to approve. Our company uses the best materials, so you will have robust and long-lasting retaining walls on your property.

For more information on retaining walls, contact J& L Hardscapes LLC at (519) 968-0213 . You can also send us your queries via this online form, and we will respond within a short while to discuss your retaining wall requirement.

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