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Artifical Turf Landscape

5 Backyard Hardscaping Enhancements

Property owners today are conscious of having aesthetically pleasing, functional, and long-lasting outdoors. Lawns and other exterior green spaces make residential and business places look beautiful but maintaining these facilities can be tiresome and time-consuming. Artificial turf should be used instead of natural grass, according to J&L Hardscapes. Since we have been in this business for so long, we have placed synthetic grass in gardens and yards at commercial and residential properties all over the area.

Range of Artificial Grass Ideas

Artificial grass is incredibly versatile, and the installation is easy. You can also start using these surfaces immediately after installation and don’t have to worry about things like mowing, weeding, aerating pest control, or more. You can install artificial turf in various locations, and here are some ideas:

Yard Turf

Synthetic grass is ideal for gardens, backyards, and other high-traffic outdoor areas. Although entire yards can be paved with concrete, the product is less attractive. Artificial grass gives off a cleaner image and can tolerate foot traffic to the grill and the movement of a compost bin across the backyard. While providing a soft playing surface for young children, synthetic grass is strong enough to endure high foot traffic. If your yard has a substantially gentler surface than a patio or concrete, you may also utilize it as a soft surface underneath the swing set.

Pool Decks & Patios

Synthetic grass is a highly suitable surface choice if you own a pool. It has good visual appeal and is practical. There are no mud patches, slides, or bare areas. If someone spills food/drinks, it is straightforward to clean up because you can use a hose to get rid of the stain. Installing synthetic turf on pool decks can also be profitable for clubs, resorts, and lodging facilities.

In areas with exquisite landscaping, you can put fake grass to make pathways through your gardens. It is the perfect patio backdrop for outdoor furniture in relaxing settings. You can cut the grass into strips and place pavers or natural stones in between them to create a patterned patio surface. Create borders and edges for your terraces and other oddly shaped landscaping areas by installing artificial grass.

Play Areas

One of the best uses for fake grass is in play areas, especially if you have children. Many parents of young children have a play area that they would like to emphasize, frequently in tandem with other play areas. When creating a play area for your kids, there is no end to the variety of play surfaces you can pick from, including cushioned grass surfaces. Synthetic grass is the most hygienic option for children’s and pets’ play areas.

Putting Greens

Artificial putting greens and natural ones were incomparable until recently. Modern items, however, are vastly different. Modern artificial grass is perfect for creating tiny putting greens which closely resemble natural grass in both appearance and texture. The putting holes are easy to construct, serve their intended purpose, and hold up well to foot traffic. They are ideal for larger installations on commercial sites as well as smaller putting greens on smaller homes.

These are a few applications for artificial grass, but you can use your creativity and imagination to install it in a courtyard or any other space on your premises.

For more information on our artificial turf installations, write to J&L Hardscapes, LLC via this Online Form, or contact us at (519) 968-0213, and our team will call you back to understand your requirements and help with your project without delay.

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